How to protect the amplifier?

How to protect the FP power amplifier?

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Update time : 2019-07-19 18:01:33
How to protect my amplifier, what should I pay attention to when I use the amplifier? Perhaps most people will have these doubts when using the amplifier. Today, let's share, how to protect the amplifier?

1. If you want to test the amplifier before normal use, test it based on at least two output channels with speakers. Don’t test under a single channel because it will generate too big power on a single channel.

2. Voltage:
When you are using a power amplifier, please ensure that the working voltage is stable.
110V amplifier Version, workable voltage range is 90-130Volts;
220V amplifier Version, workable voltage range is 200-240Volts;
You can choose different voltage amplifiers according to the voltage in your area. If you want to modify the voltage of the amplifier, you can click on ' the voltage modification' to learn the detailed steps.

3.  Please don't use 2 ohms for the power amplifier. Non-professionals do not adjust the rear panel switch.

4. The amplifier should be careful not to change the working mode of the amplifier or the speaker load during use to prevent damage to our amplifier. The method we usually use is:
First determine the working mode of the amplifier, and then connect the speaker load of the speaker according to the working mode of the amplifier.


5. We need to pay attention to the use of the power amplifier: Don’t arbitrarily change the plug of each audio equipment in the sound reinforcement system (including the plug of the mixer).Prevent to affects the high frequency head of speaker, causing the high frequency head to burn out or the power amplifier to be overloaded and damaged.


6. Please pay attention to CPL light and VPL light.

enlightenedCPL light:
When it turns on, it indicates your amplifier is overload. Please must reduce your speaker load on the amplifier.

enlightenedVPL ligh: When it turns on, it indicates your signal input is overload. Please must reduce your signal input load on the amplifier.


7. Regular power supply. 
It should be energized regularly during long periods of non-use, especially during wet and hot seasons. This can use the heat generated by the internal components to remove moisture. Avoid moisture and mildew inside coils, speaker coils, transformers, etc.

8. Clean the air filter of the cleaning amplifier regularly.
Because a lot of dust is not good for heat dissipation! If we clean it, this allows the air to flow faster! Helps the amplifier to dissipate heat, Reduce the amplifier problems caused by poor heat dissipation. When the power amplifier is not in use, the machine can be covered with a dust cover to prevent dust from entering.
If you don't know how to clean the air filter of the amplifier, please click "clean the air filter of the amplifier" to know more detailed operation steps.



These are some of the measures that Sinbosen shared to protect the amplifier. Sinbosen hopes this article will give you some help. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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