How to play the better sound effect of wireless microphone?

How to play the better sound effect of wireless microphone?

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Update time : 2021-02-23 10:48:16

In performances and large-scale programs, sometimes because of the wrong posture or improper use habits of the user when holding the wireless microphone, even a precious microphone cannot exert its original superior characteristics, even without the original sound quality. The result is worse than using an inexpensive microphone.

The microphone is part of the sound effect of the entire sound system. If the user does not know enough about the collocation, adjustment and operation of the microphone and other audio equipment, even with the world's most valuable microphone, it is difficult to show satisfactory sound effects! Just like a driver who does not understand the characteristics and operation methods of the car . Even if you drive a precious car, you can't fully exert the power of the car.

How to use the wireless microphone to show the original excellent characteristics? First of all, you should pay attention to the following basic usage methods:

1.When holding the microphone, do not put your hand on the head of the wireless microphone (it is a bad posture that destroys the sound quality and directivity)

Using the microphone by the way of holding the microphone head by hand is the most bad posture that seriously damages the sound quality and directivity of the microphone. The result of holding the mesh head with the palm of your hand is equivalent to isolating the acoustic circuit around the air chamber of the head or changing the resonance frequency of the air chamber, will cause serious deterioration of the separation of the frontal frequency response characteristics and pointing characteristics of the microphone.

The correct posture should be held on the microphone tube to maintain the original sound quality of the microphone. For a singer to use a microphone to reproduce the original sound of a beautiful song, he must first learn the correct posture for holding the microphone. The gesture of holding the microphone is very simple, as long as you remember an important principle: no matter how you hold it, don't put your hand on the microphone's mesh head. The correct gesture should be held on the microphone tube.

2.Holding the two wireless microphones in one hand is the most serious mistake.

When two transmitters with different frequencies are used close to each other, there will be harmonic interference of internal modulation distortion. The closer they are or the more frequencies, the more serious the interference. A system that uses multiple channels at the same time will make mutual interference and unstable reception more serious.

If multiple microphones must be used at the same time, the distance between the multiple microphones must be at least 30 cm apart to reduce changes in microphone characteristics.

3.Pay attention to adjust the distance between the wireless microphone and the mouth

The distance of the directional wireless microphone from the mouth will change the sensitivity and sound quality quite obviously.Because the sensitivity of the microphone is inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the mouth, people with insufficient sound can not take the microphone too far from the mouth, which will reduce the volume sharply. If the volume of the amplifier is increased, it will easily cause feedback sound. People with loud throats, don't hold the microphone too close to the mouth, this will make the loudspeaker produce saturation distortion.

The distance between the microphone and the mouth has a great influence on the gas explosion noise. Especially for microphones with higher sensitivity and stronger bass response, the gas explosion noise will be more serious. In order to reduce the impact of gas explosion noises, in addition to paying attention to the selection of microphones with excellent characteristics to prevent gas explosion noises, more attention should be paid to adjusting the optimal distance of microphones.

4.Avoid using wireless microphone facing the speaker

It is the most wrong way to use the wireless microphone close to the speaker or face the speaker. In such cases, it is the easiest way to produce feedback howling. Use the wireless microphone in the position on both sides or behind the speaker, and it will not produce howling sound. If you need to stand in front of the horn and use it, keep the angle with the horn more than 90 degrees in the vertical or horizontal direction to reduce the feedback sound. The front of the cardioid directional microphone is kept 180 degrees from the speaker, and the front of the super directional microphone is kept between 120-140 degrees.

These methods are also applicable to the use of wireless conference microphones. At the same time, it also needs to pay attention to the use of wireless conference microphone.
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