How to match the power amplifier and speakers to drive good sound?

How to match the power amplifier and speakers to drive good sound?

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Update time : 2020-12-14 11:10:50
1. Pay attention to the power supply:

Audio equipment must have a dedicated power supply and standard voltage, which must be separated from the light power supply. With a dedicated power supply, there must be a stable and reliable power socket. You can use the "power sequencer" as much as possible. Although the cost increases, the stability and ease of use are improved.

Summary: It is very important to properly and securely connect the power supply of all audio equipment. Also need to pay attention to one place, some equipment power supply will have 110V and 220V selection switches, you must confirm that you choose your country before you can connect to power.

2. Pay attention to the length of the signal line:

When connecting equipment, try to use as short a signal line as possible. While saving costs, it can also reduce line resistance and interference. Under normal circumstances, the signal line using balanced transmission can be up to about 300 meters long, while unbalanced lines cannot be used for long-distance transmission. The signal line of the power amplifier should be balanced as much as possible. If there are multiple power amplifiers in the system, it is better to use a signal amplifier splitter to separate enough signal lines without attenuation, and supply each power amplifier for separate use, which can reduce the system Noise, reduce hidden dangers, improve signal-to-noise ratio.

3. The quality of the speaker cable:

Try to use thicker and shorter copper dedicated speaker cables. When connecting, you must also pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative poles and avoid short circuits, especially for professional four-core or more than four-core speaker plugs. The several terminals inside are very small, so you must pay attention to the wiring.

4. Pay attention to the grounding of the equipment:

It is very important to connect the ground wire to all audio equipment correctly. A good grounding can reduce the interference of equipment signal transmission and improve the stability of the equipment. It should be noted that the grounding wire should be made in accordance with the grounding standard of the lightning protection wire, that is, the conductors buried in the ground should be rust-proof, have good contact, and be buried deep. Do not share the grounding wire with the three-phase power line configuration, because If this is the case, the noise in the audio system will not be reduced, and it will easily damage the equipment.

5. Pay attention to the inversion and short circuit of the signal:

A short-circuit of the signal line often causes a silent failure, and it is very troublesome to check. Unless one signal line is removed and tested with a multimeter. So be especially careful when soldering wires.

The above five points are the problems that we only need to pay attention to in the connection between the power amplifier and the audio. If we can handle these problems, it is easy to get a good sound.

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