How to learn to operate Sinbosen DSP Power Amplifier in 5 minutes?

How to learn to operate Sinbosen DSP Power Amplifier in 5 minutes?

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Update time : 2020-01-04 15:56:57
How does a DSP power amplifier operate? How to use computer control? How do I connect a DSP power amplifier to a line array speaker? It doesn't matter if you don't know how the DSP power amplifier operates. This video will let you learn in five minutes!enlightened

This video is for Sinbosen DSP10000Q, DSP20000Q, DSP22000Q power amplifier.

Let's take a look together!

It's easy, right? Have you learned now? If you still have questions, it doesn't matter, we are always there! Please consult us.laughlaugh

DSP power amplifier can be controlled by computer to adjust the parameters of each channel (Eq, delay, frequency division point, etc.) to achieve lower distortion and better music. DSP power amplifier has powerful and complex functions, such as audio signal processing and amplifier power, basic input sensitivity matching, simple frequency division and low frequency enhancement. These are the traditional amplifier can not do. This is also the reason why the DSP power amplifier is loved by some people.

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