How to identify the quality of the power amplifier?

How to identify the quality of the power amplifier?

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Update time : 2020-11-23 09:17:04

Do you know how to judge the quality of the power amplifier? If you don't know, it's very good, this article may give you some suggestions.

1.It is the idea that many people think that the amplifier is "heavier the better." Amplifiers are not mainly about weight. One of the misunderstandings that most people fall into is that the output power of general amplifiers is large, and the transformer is very large. The more materials are used, the heavier the weight will be.
But weight is not a measure of the quality of the power amplifier. The main thing is the output power. The greater the power, the lower the distortion level, the better the sound quality, and therefore the higher the price. For example, a 25 kg Class B amplifier does not sound as good as a 20 kg Class A amplifier. The price is not as expensive as a Class A amplifier. Therefore, the power amplifier mainly depends not on weight but on power and sound quality.

2.Use large-sized but small-capacity capacitors as imported high-quality capacitors. Some manufacturers even use early capacitors to repack and recharge new capacitors. The actual withstand voltage and capacity of these capacitors simply do not reach the nominal value. These capacitors are generally lighter than genuine ones.

3.Signal to noise ratio and power. The power of the amplifier is generally greater than that of ordinary speakers. The larger the power, the more energy it has, the more it can drive the speaker to produce sound, and it can preserve the subtle signals in music and reduce sound distortion. If the power is too small, it will lead to incomplete vocalization and loss of sound. The signal-to-noise ratio of the power amplifier refers to the ratio of the signal amplitude to the noise amplitude. The larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the smaller the noise and the higher the fidelity. Therefore, when choosing, you must choose a high power, high signal noise amplifier.

4. It lacks complete protection functions. Although the inferior power amplifiers have anti-shock protection function, most of them have omitted the necessary over-current, over-voltage and output DC protection functions. As a result, the reliability of the whole machine is poor, and if there is a problem, it is likely to burn out the expensive speaker unit. In order to identify this forgery, you can check the circuit diagram to determine whether the design has a complete protection function.

Finally, I would like to make three suggestions to friends who are going to buy amplifiers. The first is to adhere to the principle of "suitable for your own use and good use", and do not excessively pursue the function and appearance. The second is to remember to match the power amplifier and the speaker reasonably. The third is to meet the feelings of their own ears as a principle. Bringing a few high-quality CDs that you are familiar with to test the machine may benefit you a lot.

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