How to clean the microphone?

How to clean the microphone?

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Update time : 2020-05-18 10:46:15

Many musicians often use a microphone, and the microphone is used to collect human voices at close range, so daily cleaning of the microphone is an important task.

Especially now because of the impact of coronavirus, but there are still many friends who need to use the microphone, so you need to be more careful about using the microphone.

Here are some suggestions on how to reduce this risk to a greater extent. It is also suitable for daily microphone cleaning.

enlightenedUse light and non-porous plastic bags

Using a plastic bag, you can wrap the plastic bag around the microphone and fasten it with a rubber band (not too tight or too loose) to effectively protect the microphone. At the same time, we must pay attention to the thickness of the plastic bag. Too thick a plastic bag will affect the sound quality of the microphone. You can choose a light and non-porous plastic bag to maintain the sound quality of the microphone while protecting the microphone and protecting people. 

enlightenedUse a sponge cover

The sponge cover should cover the entire microphone, otherwise he cannot protect the microphone. At the same time, it cannot replace plastic bags. If someone sings or speaks with a microphone at a close distance, they must be sufficiently cleaned after use. In addition, the sponge cover can also be cleaned and left for a few days, and then recycled. The easiest way is to use a disposable sponge cover. Most foam windshields are not expensive and can be discarded after use.

enlightenedClean windshield

Wind shields made of plastic and other solid materials can be cleaned with alcohol or disinfectants. But do not use any liquid cleaners or chemicals on the sponge or fur windshield, as this will cause long-term damage.

enlightenedClean the microphone

The microphone housing can be cleaned with a cloth soaked with a suitable cleaning agent. However, do not immerse the cloth in alcohol or disinfectant. To avoid damage, extra care must be taken to ensure that no liquid enters the microphone or (especially) the liquid does not reach the diaphragm inside the microphone box. In order to ensure that the microphone is more clean, it can be used for a few days after cleaning.

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