How to choose suitable amplifier for your professional speaker?
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How to choose suitable amplifier for your professional speaker?

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Update time : 2021-03-16 15:34:43
Are you order power amplifier before you have professional speakers?
Do you know how to choose the power amplifier with your speakers?
When your line speaker RMS power for 1000W,is it the order 1000W amplifier it will be ok?
When you order amplifier,do you have those question?
If you have,follow us,we will give a professional suggestion for your speakers and amplifier.
1.How many kind of amplifier have?
As we know,About the amplifier it have many kinds.Almost use in stage it for:
Transformer power amplifier:
It is tradicional power amplifier,with bass sound good;power is strong;

But why do others amplifier?Because it weight so heavy(More powerful more heavy),the must classically is CA series.
②Switch power amplifier:
This one it power cannot so bigger than transformer amplifier

A.The power is enought to driver the professional stage speaker
B.Weight is lighter than Transformer power amplifier,about 14-20KG,it can easy to play and move.
C.Bass sound is much better than digital amplifier;
We almost recommend clients choose this one
③Digital amplifier(it also called Class D amplifier)

For this series,the most advantages is light,it is easy to carry and can save shipping cost;
But for this one,it bass sound not good and power not enough.

2.According those amplifier Pros and cons,how to choose suitable amplifier for speaker
①According speaker size and type:
A:If your speakers powerful with bass,and the size more than 21 inch,then we suggest the Transformer power amplifier;
B:If your line array speaker and subwoofer from 5-18 inch,then you can choose the Switch power amplifier
C:If your speaker use at home or it is full range speaker,then we suggest you can choose Digital amplifier;but if you want bass sound better,Switch power amplifier more better.
②According the speaker power
1. For full-range speakers (including line array speakers and professional speakers), the power of the power amplifier needs to be more than 1.5 times the power of the speaker. 
For example, if your speaker is 1000 watts, then you need a power amplifier with a lastest 1500 watts. Of course, at the same time you have to pay attention to whether the impedance is consistent.
2. If you have a subwoofer, your power amplifier needs to be more than twice the power of the subwoofer. 
For example: a 1000 watt/4 ohm subwoofer, the power amplifier requires a 2000 watts / 4 ohms.
Now are you know how to choose amplifier with your speaker?
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