DSP10000Q amplifier feedback from Bulgarian customers!
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DSP10000Q amplifier feedback from Bulgarian customers

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Update time : 2022-01-21 17:36:36

This is a user of DSP10000Q, from Bulgaria, because Sinbosen has a fast track for the EU, Mexico and the United States, so this customer in Bulgaria received the Sinbosen amplifier in less than 3 days. Immediately after receiving the goods, it was used in the stadium. Here's a video of his feedback.

This customer has two 600watt KA210 speakers and two 800watt speakers. We recommend that the power of the power amplifier is 1.5-2 times larger than the power of the speakers, and the subwoofer is preferably 2 times larger than the speakers. Therefore, we recommended the DSP10000Q of 1300W *4CH at 8 ohms to this customer. The DSP10000Q has four channels, and each speaker is connected to a channel just to meet his needs.
And DSP series computer control operation is simple and convenient, especially easy to operate.

Model DSP-10000Q
8 ohm Stereo Power(RMS) 1300W *4CH
4 ohm Stereo Power (RMS) 2100w *4CH
8 ohm Bridged Power (RMS) 4200W *2CH
4 ohm Bridged Power (RMS) 5000W *2CH
Frequenty Response 20Hz-20kHz ±0.5dB
THD+N(Rated power,4Ω/KHz)% 0.10%
Signal Noise Ration(dB) 110dB
Input Impedance 20KΩ Balanced / 10kΩ Unbalanced
Output Connectors Speak on Connectors
Power Requirement 110-120V / 50-60Hz or 200-240V / 50-60Hz

FP10000Q is one of Sinbosen's best-selling models, so DSP10000Q naturally has a lot of demand. The parameters of DSP10000Q and FP10000Q are basically the same. Compared with FP10000Q, DSP10000Q has one more DSP board, which can be adjusted by controlling the parameters of each channel (EQ delay divider, etc.) through the computer. The DSP power amplifier can record data and use it directly next time. With the use of dsp software, one dsp software can control 200 amplifiers.

The following is the feedback of some customers who have used the DSP10000Q, whether it is party/sports meeting or performance use, it is really suitable! 

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