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The new mini K2-450 and the previous K2-450

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Update time : 2021-10-11 18:04:39
K2-450 VS MINI K2-450

Those of you who follow Sinbosen may know that we have a digital amplifier, the K2-450 Now that it's upgraded, here's a comparison of the two k2-450 models.

enlightenedWhy did we upgrade the K2-450?
As a digital amplifier with high cost performance, the 1U size of k2-450 is mini and portable, and it has been loved by many customers, basically meeting their needs for home or small performances.

Due to the popularity of many customers, we decided to make full use of the advantages of the K2-450 and reduced its size without changing the parameters. In addition, a signal lamp was added to the outer ring of each channel button to make the volume adjustment more visible. Different with the black before, the color appearance that uses dark blue, match with relaxed household atmosphere photograph immediately, also had fresh fashionable feeling more.

In addition, Sinbosen is constantly improving and upgrading our products. As before upgrading of FP series capacitance, an extension of the hot plate and the increase of the fan, etc. Sinbosen is keen on studying sound system products. As a Chinese saying goes, "Take the essence and discard the dregs", reform and innovation is our tenet all the time. Sinbosen is advancing with The Times and eager to absorb customers' opinions. If you have any suggestions and needs, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support!

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