Connection of audio equipment equalizer, compressor, digital effector

Connection of audio equipment equalizer, compressor, digital effector

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enlightened1. Equalizer:

As we all know, the main function of the equalizer is to adjust the tone, adjust the sound field and suppress acoustic feedback. Therefore, equalizers are almost indispensable equipment in current audio systems. At present, the balanced input and output parts are all balanced sockets. It is better to use the balanced line of the XLR connector or the balanced line of the TRS connector when connecting.

enlightened2. Compressor:

Compressor is a device for processing audio signals, which can compress or limit the dynamics of audio electrical signals. In fact, the main function of our current compressor is to let it compress high-level signals, so as to protect other audio equipment. It can be said that in a complete set of audio equipment, in addition to the mixer and equalizer, the compressor can be regarded as the most important peripheral equipment. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the compressor should be placed in front of the power amplifier and behind other peripheral devices. For connection, balanced lines with XLR connectors or balanced lines with TRS connectors can be used.

enlightened3. Digital effector:

The effector is an audio peripheral equipment that processes and produces various sound field effects. Generally used to process human voice. In most sound systems, if the human voice is not processed by the effects, it will become lack of fullness and brightness. Nowadays newer effectors all use digital processing chips, so we also call them: digital effectors. Effectors are rarely connected in series in audio systems like equalizers and other peripheral devices. Generally, the signal is sent from the AUX of the mixer to the input interface of the effector, and then the signal is returned from the output interface of the effector to the mixer. In terms of signal connection, most of them are connected by balanced lines with TRS connectors, and a few professional effectors are also connected by balanced lines with XLR connectors.


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