Chinese New Year is coming! Sinbsen Audio Holiday Notice.
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Chinese New Year is coming! Sinbsen Audio Holiday Notice.

Dear Clients,

Chinese traditional festival-the Spring Festival is approaching, please note our holiday time: 2020.01.17-02.04. Our factory will not working during this time, in order not to delay your order, if you have a purchase plan, please let us know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your kind attention! 
Sinbosen Audio


There are only 10 days left before the holiday. In order not to delay your affairs, if you have any willingness to purchase, you can contact us immediately! Thank you for your support of Sinbosen Audio. In the new year, Sinbosen Audio wishes you all the best and happiness.

Like Christmas, Chinese Spring Festival marks the beginning of a new year. Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. The Spring Festival is the celebration of the Lunar New Year on the calendar. On the eve of the Spring Festival, families are going to get together and have a big meal. In many places people also like to set off firecrackers. This is a holiday that the children like very much, because they can eat delicious food and wear new clothes. Of course, they can also get lucky money from their parents and relatives. The kid with the money will have good luck. People put couplets on the walls to symbolize good luck and happiness.
During the Spring Festival, people visit relatives and friends and say, "Happy New Year! All the best. " And so on.
People like to celebrate the Spring Festival, because during the Spring Festival they can get together with their families, have fun with their relatives and friends, and have a good rest after a busy year.


Summarize the past year and start a new year! 2020, let's go forward together!
In the past year, Sinbosen is very happy and fortunate to be able to meet you and work with you to create a wonderful stage with you. Hope that in the new year, we can continue to go together.

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