Charm Hunan Province-Sinbosen Audio's "Journey Forward" in 2019.
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Charm Hunan Province-Sinbosen Audio's "Journey Forward" in 2019.

Is there a trip that impressed you the most? For Sinbosen, the four-day tour at the end of 2019 is a memorable trip. 2019 is about to pass, and 2020 is coming. In this year, Sinbosen is breaking through step by step, both in work, life and on this trip.

This is not an ordinary tour, it is a mysterious tour. Chinese culture has a long history, and each region's culture has its own special and wonderful features. Hunan is such an area with a mysterious minority. Three unsolved mysteries of Hunan, full of charming mountains and flowing water, gorgeous and charming costumes, warm and cheerful Hunanese. Sinbosen also works as a guide, taking you on a mysterious challenge.

Day 1: High-Altitude Challenge, Glamour Canyon.

Are you afraid of heights? Have you tried feeling like walking at high altitude? If not, maybe you can try the glass bridge in Hunan. The length and height of this all-transparent glass bridge ranks first in the world. Experience the feeling of walking at high altitude, admire the beautiful scenery of clouds and mountains, you can also challenge the limits-bungee jumping, zipline.

If you ask me how I feel, I have to say that when I first went up, I heard other travelers afraid of screaming. But my biggest feeling is: it's super cool and the scenery is super charming.

In the afternoon, stroll through the "Jin Bianxi", the most beautiful Grand Canyon in China, in the forest park, with three thousand peaks standing in various shapes, deep canyons, flowing water, and towering lush forests.

But what impressed me was the wild monkeys in the canyon. Some were naughty and some were cute. Jumping back and forth between the forests is very flexible and fun. However, they are also very fierce, and can't play with them at will.

Day 2: The strange peak of Yuanjiajie, the historic Helong Park, and the long "Ten Mile Gallery".

Have you seen the movie "Avatar"? Have you been attracted by its magnificent and thrilling scenes? I remember I was very impressed when I saw it. Until I personally went to its shooting location-Yuan Jiajie. Because the mountain is very high, we took the ropeway to the top. Explore the aerial scenery of the mountains in the movie Avatar floating, the magnificent soul station, the first bridge in the world.

Helong Park is a memorial to the great man of China-He Long. "Marshal He Long's revolutionary spirit deserves us to inherit and learn forever." This is a history that every Chinese must deeply remember.

Ten Mile Gallery-A total length of 5 kilometers, the two sides of the canyon are densely forested and wildflowers are fragrant; strange peaks and stones, in all shapes and sizes, resemble a huge landscape painting.

Day3:Tianmen Mountain + Tusi Dynasty + Folk Performance "Charming Xiangxi".

This is the most anticipated day. The most thrilling challenge and the oldest history, traditional folklore. It was the most interesting place on this journey.

Take Asia's longest single-line circular high-altitude passenger ropeway to Tianmen Mountain, watch the "first wonder of the world highway"-99 bends to Tian Avenue, climb 999 steps to the sky ladder, and visit Tianmen Cave. Tianmen Mountain, with deep historical and cultural accumulation, has always been regarded as a sacred mountain by the local people. It is also known as the "First Mountain in Western Hunan" and the "Soul of Wuling". Experience the thrilling, suspended glass path and challenge your high altitude limits.

During the tour of the Tusi dynasty and the folk performance of "Charming Xiangxi", we learned about the three unsolved mysteries of Hunan and the unique ancient culture of the local area, and let us understand the mystery and charm of Hunan.

Day4: Phoenix Ancient City

The ancient city of Phoenix was praised by the famous New Zealand writer Louis Alley as China's most beautiful town.

The ancient city of Phoenix attracts the most attention is the combination of the bustling scene and the comfortable life. In order to see its bustling night view. We reached the Phoenix Old Town without stopping for 5 hours. It is a pity that because we arrived too late, most of the shops have been closed, but we still appreciate the ancient city of Phoenix in the middle of the night.

The ancient city of Fenghuang has four bridges and has a century of history. Here is also a very beautiful love story. The town is full of various beautiful colors, attracting the longing of countless tourists.

This is the end of the four-day trip to Hunan! The scenery in every place is nostalgic. Although we took many photos as a souvenir, in my opinion, what I see in my eyes, and what I remember in my mind, are more profound.

On this trip, Sinbosen harvested the beautiful scenery and the friendship of our guides. Thanks to our guide for taking care of us along the way.

In fact, on this trip, I was constantly walking and climbing. Only when I reached the highest point can I see the most beautiful scenery. This is like the meaning of life. We have to go forward and climb step by step, although Very tired, but full of gains.

2020 is coming, Sinbosen is also about to cross the full harvest of 2019 and move towards the full-looking 2020.

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