Causes and hazards of howling

Causes and hazards of howling

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What is howling?

Howling (residual phenomenon of microphone sound when it is located at a critical point) is an abnormal phenomenon that often occurs in sound reinforcement systems. Let's take a look at how to deal with this situation.

In a sound reinforcement system, when using a microphone to pick up sound, it is impossible to take sound isolation measures because of the pickup area of the microphone and the playback area of the speaker. The sound of some frequencies is too strong, causing the self-excited oscillation of the acoustic and electrical signals, thereby generating howling.

Causes and hazards of howling


1. The sound from the speaker can be transmitted to the microphone through the space

2.The sound energy from the speaker is large enough, and the microphone's pickup sensitivity is high enough.


Once the howling occurs, the volume of the microphone cannot be increased. After the increase, the howling is very serious, which will have a bad impact on live performance. When the howling threshold is reached, after the microphone sound is turned up, sound ringing will occur, and the sound will have a reverberant effect, which will damage the sound quality. In the worst case, the speaker or power amplifier will be burned due to the excessive signal.

It is not uncommon to burn the tweeter of the speaker due to howling, because under the howling state, strong signals will cause clipping (cut-top) distortion of the amplifier and generate a lot of high-frequency harmonics. If the tweeter cannot support such a powerful high-frequency signal, the voice coil will be burned. In addition, in the howling state, if the output of the power amplifier is overloaded, it may also be burned.

So what should we do in this situation? Does anyone know about it? Or how do you deal with this situation? You can leave a comment in the comment area. Let's discuss together.laugh

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