How to match the power of the amplifier and speakers

How to match power amplifier and speakers

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Update time : 2021-08-25 16:12:52
enlightenedPay attention to the problem of power matching. Theoretically, the rated power of the speaker should be equal to the rated output power of the amplifier, so that the equipment can work normally. It is suggested here that you should rather a large horse-drawn cart than a small horse-drawn cart at the end. When possible, you can choose a high-power amplifier, never choose a low-power amplifier.
         Under normal circumstances, at least the rated output power of the power amplifier should be more than 2 times the power of the speaker. Although large horse-drawn small cars will cause unnecessary waste of power, the situation of small horse-drawn large cars prevents the speakers from getting enough driving power, and the entire audio system cannot play the best sound effect.
      If the speaker impedance meets the matching requirements, and the withstand power is less than the power of the amplifier, then the driving power is sufficient, which sounds very comfortable. This is what it is often said that the reserve power of the power amplifier must be large in order to fully express all the connotations of music, especially the low frequency part of the music, which is more vivid and powerful. This is a good match.
     If the rated impedance of the speaker is greater than the rated power of the power amplifier, although both can work safely, at this time the power amplifier is not enough to drive the power, and the loudness will be insufficient, and it will often appear that it has been turned on to a saturated state and the distortion is aggravated. Powerless. This is a poor match.
enlightenedThe power matching between the power amplifier and the speaker is generally divided into three forms: the power of the power amplifier is greater than the power of the speaker; the power of the power amplifier is basically equal to the power of the speaker; the power of the power amplifier is less than the power of the speaker.
  The first form is more common. Because of the high power of the power amplifier, the low frequency will feel strong and powerful when listening to music. At the same time, they can correctly handle the volume of the power amplifier to prevent the speakers from being burned out.  
  The second method should be an ideal matching method for ordinary users. Since the power of the amplifier is basically the same as the power of the speaker, the tone of each frequency band of the speaker will be accurately reflected when listening to music. Under the premise of normal use (the high frequency and low frequency are not boosted too much, there is no squeak when singing karaoke), it is generally not easy to damage the speaker.
  The third method can sometimes be used. If the speaker is a 100W×8Ω power amplifier, 70W×2/8Ω can be used. The advantage of this configuration is that for people who have been in contact with audio equipment for a short time, it will not damage the equipment due to occasional operating errors. Of course, this configuration will feel a little softer for audiophiles.
          The number and type of capacitors are important indicators of power. Sinbosen's FP series, such as FP22000Q,have made a major upgrade to the capacitors of the power amplifier. The FP22000Q has high quality capacitor 12pcs 3600uf 200V +12pcs 2200uf 200V. The powerful power makes the sound performance more stable and perfect.
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