5 wired dynamic microphones are perfect for vocal recording and live singing!

5 wired dynamic microphones are perfect for vocal recording and live singing!

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Update time : 2020-02-18 14:32:02
The dynamic microphone has a sturdy structure, which is thicker than other microphones and mostly has a metal casing. Stable and durable. It does not make random noise, and is durable. The price is low and the frequency characteristics are outstanding. The amplitude-frequency characteristic curve is flat in the frequency range of 50-15000Hz. Good directivity, no DC working voltage required, simple application and low noise. Small size, easy to hold, super-cardioid pointing, can generate less sound outside the useful radio range, no need to power, so it can be made wireless.

Today, let's take a look at what dynamic microphones you can't miss!

For many decades, SM58 dynamic microphones have been enthusiastically sought after by many well-known bands. Frequency response designed for vocal correction with bright midrange and bass attenuation. Consistent cardioid directivity isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise. Since its establishment, it has won the favor of many legendary band musicians such as Elvis and the Rolling Stones.

The outstanding SM57 cardioid dynamic microphone is the industry standard, with a variety of functions, which can clearly reproduce the sound of amplifiers and acoustic instruments. The wavy frequency response has a live enhancement effect, making the sound of the instrument more prominent in the mix. Clearly reproduce the sound of the instrument and pick up the full human voice. Very effective cardioid directivity isolates the main sound source, recording only the directly aimed sound source while suppressing the sound behind the microphone.

Beta 58A outstanding vocal microphone, suitable for professional lead vocals and harmony in the stage or studio, Beta 58 has a very smooth frequency response, so it can be well used for a variety of sounds.
Ultra-high sensitivity and high-frequency response, the sound is clear and delicate; the sound quality in the mid-frequency region is bright and with bass frequency attenuation, which can fully control the near-talk effect; the sturdy steel mesh cover design is more convenient to reduce the near-talk effect, and prevent wear and damage Advanced pneumatic shock absorption system can greatly reduce the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration.

E945, moving coil supercardioid vocal microphone with narrower pointing. The sound is dynamic and detailed. This microphone is ideal if vocal penetration is required. Low touch noise. 100% metal casing, durable, suitable for stage.

As a dual diaphragm handheld dynamic microphone, the KSM8 KSM9 KSM9H cardioid dynamic microphone has achieved breakthrough results in engineering design. This meticulously built microphone realizes the performance of sexual vocal reproduction and live sound reinforcement control, and can provide world-class live pickup performance in the performance venue. KSM8 KSM9 KSM9H provides a consistent cardioid pickup mode. The pickup can truly eliminate the near-talk effect and provide off-axis. At the same time, it provides audio personnel with the clarity of an audio signal comparable to that of a condenser microphone without processing. The microphone effectively controls the reliability of the feedback.

The dynamic microphone has a sturdy structure, is thicker than other microphones, and mainly has a metal case. Stable and durable. Suitable for vocal recording, live performances, live singing and more. If you need such a microphone, then you can try them, they will not let you down.

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