Frequently Asked Questions
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          1. How Do I Do Business With You?
How Do I Do Business With You?In order to make you more clear about the process of our transaction, we have specially made such a FAQ.
      2. Why our clients choose Sinbosen Audio?
Why choose us? We have the best service and high quality products to bring you better service and product experience.
     3. Sinbosen audio amplifier manufacturer in China.
Sinbosen Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong, China.
      4. 110V or 220V, how to change your Amplifier Voltage?
Do you know how to change your amplifier voltage? What happens if the voltage is wrong? This article suit for FP/DSP amplifier.
      5. What should we do if the amplifier cannot be turned on?
Have you ever encountered a problem with the amplifier cannot be turned on?
      6. How To Set BRIDGE Mode On FP Amplifier?
Do You Know How To Set BRIDGE Mode On FP Amplifier? You only need three steps.
                         7. How to protect the FP power amplifier?
How to protect fp amplifier, what should we pay attention to when we use the amplifier? Notice these small details, your amplifier will not be easy to break. Let's get it!

8. Why more and more professional sound engineers choose switching power amplifiers?

Compared to traditional transformer power amplifiers, switching power amplifiers are becoming the first choice for dj and audio.Why?

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