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   41. Problems with wireless microphones and how to check them?

   40. 3 points take you to fully understand the in-ear monitoring system!

   39. How can I pay? What payment methods do you accept?

   38. 2020 Sinbosen FP20000Q power amplifier upgrade again-capacitor upgrade.

   37. The history of Sinbosen audio manufacturer's power amplifier.

   36. Can it(amplifier) work under 2ohms?

   35. How to use the Power Controller Distributor?

   34. Are there any customized services for purchasing your products?

   33. One picture learns to use multiple amplifiers at the same time

   32. Sinbosen Amplifier Manufacturer power amplifier production details process.

   31. Do you know what types of audio power amplifiers are available?

   30. Sinbosen wireless microphone transmitter matching options.

   29. What is a coaxial speaker?

   28. What is an audio interface?

   27. How to clean the microphone?

   26. How to choose a microphone that suits you?

   25. Power amplifier panel | 7 colors to choose from

   24. What are the dimensions of a microphone diaphragm, and how do they differ?

   23. Simple connection of Sinbosen 8-inch line array speaker SA208B. 

    22. 5 wired dynamic microphones are perfect for vocal recording and live singing!

    21. Why choose a digital wireless microphone system?

    20. How to learn to operate Sinbosen DSP Power Amplifier in 5 minutes?

    19. I want to visit your factory. Sinbosen Audio, where are you?

    18. How are stage monitor speakers combined and returned?

    17. What is the type and effect of microphone polar pattern?

    16. How do active speakers appeal to people with their unique charm?

    15. Sinbosen Professional Microphone Frequency Query

    14. Microphone damp!!! How to protect the microphone?

    13. How to place the drum microphone when the drums kit are recorded?

    12. Do you know which parameters are important to the amplifier?

    11. Do you know the difference between dynamic microphone and condenser microphone?

    10. What is the difference between DSP power amplifier and ordinary power amplifier?

    9. What is the difference between the three microphone segments FM, VHF, UHF?

    8. Why more and more professional sound engineers choose switching power amplifiers?

    7. How to protect the FP power amplifier?

    6. How To Set BRIDGE Mode On FP Amplifier?

    5. What should we do if the amplifier cannot be turned on?

    4. 110V or 220V, how to change your Amplifier Voltage?

    3. Sinbosen audio amplifier manufacturer in China

    2. Why our clients choose Sinbosen Audio?

    1. How Do I Do Business With You?


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