520MHz-960MHz 2 Handheld Microphone Wireless Microphone AD4D Professional Stage Karaoke Microphone

615MHz-655MHz 2 Handheld Microphone Wireless Microphone AD4D Professional Stage Karaoke Microphone

Brand: Sinbosen
Model: AD4D
Working distance: 150m
Color: Three
Frequency Range: 615-655/530-580/780-820MHz
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N): > 105dB
Frequency Response: 50Hz-18kHz
Service: OEM Support

520MHz-960MHz 2 Handheld Microphone Wireless Microphone AD4D Professional Stage Karaoke Microphone
Comprehensive characteristics 
Frequency Range 615MHz-655MHz
Frequency response 50Hz-18KHz
Maximum frequency offset soil 45KHz
Working temperature: -10ºC- 55ºC
Bandwidth: 2X25MHz/4X15MHz
Distortion <0.2%
Working distance 150 meters(ideal environment)
Signal to Noise Ratio > 105dB (A)
Modulation Frequency Modulation (FM)
Receiver AD4D
Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequencysynthesizer)
Spurious suppression: ≥ 90dB
Mirror suppression: ≥ 90dB
Sensitivity: OdBuV
Audio output level: XLR output jack:
250mV/600 Q
Unbalanced output (1/4"output jack)
400mV/K3 Q
Working Voltage: DC 12-16V
Working Current: ≤350mA
Handheld transmitter Handheld microphone
RF power output: maximum 30 mW(Depending on the applicable national norms)
Osillation mode: PLL (Digital Frequency Synthesizer)
Transmitting Frequency Stability: <10ppm
Dynamic range: > 100dB (A)
Frequency response: 50Hz 18KHz
Maximum input sound pressure: 130dB SPL
Speech pick-up head: moving coil
Power supply: 2 (15V)AA alkaline batteries
Microphone transmitter battery loading and unloading The battery is AA no.5 battery

Functional description of receiver panel

1. Power switch
2. Control and confirmation function keys;(Control menu parameter adjustment add/subtract, when parameter setting is changed,corresponding parameter display position flicker and jump display )
(Press this control key 3 seconds down to confirm/save)
(Press 5 seconds downward to unlock/lock the screen color synchronously and correspondingly
(All function menus are forbidden to adjust when locked (except infrared counterpart) whenthe screen color is red-orange. )
(After unlocking, the functional parameters of the corresponding channel and mode arepreset and confirmed/saved, and the screen is white)
3. mode 1, set the function button, light on time, enter the setting of the default mode 1.
4. mode 2, set the function button, light on time, enter the setting o the preset mode 2.
5. Search Channel Function button, click Auto Search Available Frequency Point(press to quit search function or save channel automatically after search)
6. Channel adjustment function button, press enter adjustment frequency (timed 6 secondsautomatic exithold)
7. SQ adjustment function button, press enter menu (1 -4 grid) 1 grid for the longest distance,4 grid anti-interference is the best,(timed 6 seconds automatically exit 1 maintain)
8. Volume adjustment function button, press enter menu (6 seconds to exit/hold automatically)
9. Display area, showing the function status of the selected channel. When locked, thescreen rotates every 5 seconds to display the status.
10. Channel selection function button, press the light, the screen of the function menu showsthe function status af the corresponding channel,CH1-CH2 (double channel) CH1-CH4 (four channels)
11. Infrared Counter-Frequency Function Key, (CH1-CH4) Corresponds to the correspondingchannel infrared counterpart
12. Infrared Conveyor Window. Handheld Infrared Window should be within 5-20CM of thiswindow area.
13. Monitor the status of the display lamp. When the lampis on, the left and right channels simultaneously monitor the output state of the channel. When thelamp is off, the left and right channels respectively monitor the output state of the channel.Dual channel ((L-CH1, R-CH2)Four Channeis (L-CH1+CH2, R-CH3+CH4)
14. Monitor function button, press the button to monitor the light on, and set the output formixing at this time L-R(CH1+CH2) Dual ChannelL -R(CH1+CH2+CH3+CH4)
15. Monitor volume control knob
16. Listening Headphone OutputHole (Stereo Output)




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