Why choose Sinbosen D2-3000 D4-2000 digital amplifier compared with other companies

Why choose Sinbosen D2-3000 D4-2000 digital amplifier compared with other companies

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Update time : 2020-10-16 10:45:18
Sometimes some customers often ask what is the difference between your digital power amplifier D2-3000 D4-2000 and the digital power amplifiers of other suppliers, and what are your advantages?

The products look similar, but the quality of the products is not the same. The quality is different, the effect is also different.Next, Sinbosen will answer you why choose Sinbosen D2-3000 and D4-2000 digital power amplifier from all aspects.

D2-3000 and D4-2000 digital power amplifier use the same raw materials for accessories. Next, Sinbosen will use D2-3000 as an example.

Amplifier components

A. High quality imported capacitor 270UF 250V

Sinbosen D2-3000 uses a total of 130 capacitors. Perhaps some suppliers also use 130. Although the number is the same, the quality is different. The capacitor used by Sinbosen is Nichicon imported from Japan. The capacitor used by Sinbosen D2-3000 is imported 270UF 250V. And more suppliers use 220UF 250V. This means that there is a difference of 50UF*130=6500UF. The role of the capacitor can make the power amplifier more powerful. At the same time, the heat dissipation effect is better.

B. Install 5 high-quality fans on the rear panel

For the heat dissipation of the power amplifier, Sinbosen specially designed 5 fans in the rear version. The fan runs efficiently and can quickly dissipate heat. The most important thing is: due to the internal design of the power amplifier, the power amplifier board of the D2-3000 is concentrated on the left side. When the power amplifier is working, the heat dissipation in this area is very important. Sinbosen has specially set up 2 fans in this area. Take away heat quickly. However, some suppliers are not aware of this. They only have one fan running, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

C. Original imported Neutrik connectors

Sinbosen uses Neutrik 3 Pin XLR connectors. Excellent quality, strong and durable. The connection port of each power amplifier of Sinbosen is the Neutrik connection port.

D. Insulation of power amplifier

Sinbosen also attaches great importance to the insulation of power amplifiers. We use a very good insulating glue, while adding silicon cloth. Can withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius. Long service life and extremely high insulation performance.

Sinbosen D2-3000 digital power amplifier 2ohms test video.
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